Monday, January 21, 2013

Help from Grandpa...

So I haven't posted in two years. And I'm sorry to say that if you are reading this to see what's going on in the family or something, sorry. I'm actually just posting here so there's an easier way for us to show grandpa our bird pictures for Livvy's science fair project. SORRY. Maybe someday I'll be better at posting on the blog...

Ok, so here are the pics we need help with:
We're thinking the bird at the top is maybe another flicker? or a really fat robin? or something else? And the other birds on the branches below are females?

This is in a different place, different day, but is it the same kind of bird? it looks round chested like the other ones but without the orange-y color. We also saw some small grey birds with a black mask, kind of like a chickadee. We can't find our bird book, so I couldn't check when we were there. I'm also pretty sure we saw a blue jay and some sparrows of some sort. And we've also seen magpies and blackbirds or crows (what's the difference?) And tons of quail.
Now I know this isn't a great shot, but we were super far away so this was as close as our camera could zoom. We think this is some kind of hawk, and we're guessing maybe a marsh hawk since this was taken out by the river. What do you think?
And again, it was far away, but we think this is a kestrel? A small hawk, right? It was just hanging out on the fence post out there by a farm over by the river.

And then we found a tree with all of these hanging birds nests and we were wondering what kind of bird would make them?

Thanks for your help, Boppa! Just email me if you want, or you can call when you have a minute. Love you lots!